Mercer Mettl Assessment

Exxperientia Business Advisory Services is the Assessment Partner forMercer Mettl.

With Mercer Mettl having partnered with over 4000 customers globally, we understand that the Corona-led disruption has created challenges in organizations with regard to their People Strategies. We are now backed by the state of art platform which will help you in every step of your People Strategy right from

  • Hiring using our validated online Personality Assessments
  • Identifying High Potential using our Virtual Assessment & Development Center
  • Developing & Creating Competency Framework alongwith our Virtual Assessment Center

Given its impact on people, organizations must understand their employees better to tide over the disruption and improve efficiencies and processes. A simple, scientifically validated assessment can enable you to reinvent your HR management processes. Mercer Mettl assessments are designed to help companies choose the best candidates suitable for a job role/programs. The assessment is based on two important factors, one is the role/profile and the other is the experience level of the candidates taking the assessment. The assessment tools are curated and customized with customer situations. The Assessment Center is run through a virtual online secured and proctored platform.

What’s In It For You
  • Hiring using our validated online Personality Assessments
  • Identifying High Potential using our Virtual Assessment & Development Center
  • Developing & Creating Competency Framework alongwith our Virtual Assessment Center

Some of the Organizations where Exxperientia Business Advisory Services & Mercer Mettl have provided their services

What is an Assessment Center?

An assessment center is a process where candidates are examined to determine their suitability for specific types of employment, especially management or military command. The candidates' personality and aptitudes are determined by techniques including interviews, group exercises, presentations, examinations and psychometric testing.

It was first used by the German military to select its officer’s in 1930’s. Psychologist Max Simoneit was appointed to head the army's laboratory and introduced leadership tests. It was later used by the US Foreign Office to recruit right people for overseas assignments.

An Assessment Center is not just a building for assessing a job candidate, it is a process of evaluation of behaviour based on multiple evaluation methods or assessments including:

  • Job related Case Studies/Simulations
  • Competency Based Interviews
  • Psychological tests using validated psychometric tests
  • Numerical Ability
  • Group Behaviour

The ultimate reason for having an assessment center in any organization is to gather all relevant information about an individual's capabilities to perform a given task in a standardized condition. These assessments are done on the basis of the critical competencies identified in discussion with the senior leadership of the organization which they believe will enable them to execute their strategies successfully. Competencies are defined as Knowledge, Skills & Attitude that an individual brings to work. A Competency Model is created that includes both innate and acquired aspects.

It is incorporates skills and knowledge that can be acquired through learning effort and experience. The behaviours at the top of the pyramid is the manifestation of all innate and acquired abilities and is visible and can be assessed by trained assessors.

Benefits of Competency Model Based Approach
  • Hiring the right candidate
  • Identifying High Potential & High Performer’s within the organization
  • Grooming and Leadership Bench Strength Development
  • Aligning Behaviour with Organizational Strategies
The Assessment Center Process

The process followed to conduct an Assessment Center starts

  • Understanding Job Role and define the competency framework for achieving the organizational objectives and deliver efficient performance
  • Create assessment blueprint by mapping the competency framework with a selection of tools to assess the identified competencies.
  • Assessment is customized with pre-defined or custom content and shared with client for confirmation. Tools to be used are also are also customized accordingly
  • Conduct Assessment Center & share individual reports

Post the Assessment Center and depending on the scope of discussion with the client organization the Individual Development Plans are made and support provided for a Calendarized set of development activities identified for the participants to develop their skills and knowledge as per the IDP’s.