Resume Checklist

Exxperientia | May 20,2020

• You will not repeat any bullet points

Your resume should be formatted with your most recent work experience towards the top, and least recent towards the bottom (reverse chronological.) That means any bullet points towards the top means that you know how to do that job responsibility already. There’s no point in repeating it again towards the bottom. It’s redundant, and unnecessarily lengthens your resume.


• You will not lie on your resume

It’s tempting to embellish or outright lie on your resume, as you can get higher paying jobs and well salaried positions by claiming credentials or skills that you do not have. In all likelihood, you will get caught, because it will be obvious that you do not know how to competently do your work properly.

Many people are tempted to lie on their resume because they falsely believe that their work experience and education histories are insufficient. In reality, many companies are willing to take risks on employees that have the basic skills and attitude to do the job.

For instance, if a company says in the job description that they require 2-3 years of experience in a position, that number represents their ideal candidate, not a hard and fast rule.


• You will not make any grammar or spelling errors

Even a stellar resume is easily destroyed by simple grammar and spelling mistakes. Because it’s such an important document, mistakes immediately set off red flags in the hiring manager’s view.

The thinking is, if you can’t take the time to correct basic mistakes, then you might also be a low-quality worker.

Take these steps to make sure your resume is error free:

• Run spell check

• Have two friends or family members look over it

• Look over it yourself