Knowledge Nuggets

Risk Management

All businesses have their own set of risks. They can be broadly divided into two categories viz. financial and non-financial risks. Financial Risks include Market Risk, Business Risk, Credit Risk, and Liquidity Risk while non-financial risks include operational risk and external risk.

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Tell me about yourself?

The FIRST & BEST question for any HR interview. The answer to this basically sets the tone of rest of the interview. Good news is – You can earn a lot of points if this is answered right.

Give a brief of your education background (up to plus two is fine, your family and location, your strengths and any of your hobbies etc.

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What are your key strengths?

This is another most common question in any HR interview. The idea here is to understand how much you know about yourself and how confident you are about your strengths.

Just stay positive. Knowing a bit about yourself and the profile you are being interviewed helps you.

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Why should we hire you?

As a fresher, you can’t commit to any expertise in any specific domain. So, this question is intended to understand what quality of yours will be helpful most for the company. Knowledge about the company and what quality of yours suits the organization, is the key to answer this. In case you don’t know much about the company, quick learning ability, flexibility, team player etc. are few common qualities that will fit any organizational needs.

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Group Discussion Tips

Participate in the conversation.

The group discussion round is a golden chance for you to show your character, communication and teamwork skills along with your die-hard interest for your job.

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Who is the most inspiring person in your life?

The important part here is not the individual who inspires you, but why he/she is source of inspiration. When you answer this question with a name, you must follow it up with why he/she is most inspiring person according to you.


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Placement Tips for Management Students

The placement season is here! Students in the management colleges are all set to show their mettle. A number of top notch companies, visit the college campus to provide placements. Campus interviews can be scary, exciting and most importantly, a turning point in your life. 

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"ABCDE" of Image Management

Have you ever wondered what kind of impression you leave on others? Do you know that you are evaluated on the basis of the Image you reflect or project...and the entire process takes place within seconds!

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Commandments for Resume Writing

Let’s look at a few commandments for resume writing now that we know how important it is, to get it right.

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Resume Checklist

resume checklist for every stage of your career. Make sure your resume hits all the right marks.

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Leadership Skills: A Fad Or A Necessity

A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality...

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Outdoor Team Development - Harmless Fun or Serious Learning

The Sales Director had organised a great conference; the venue was first class, the service excellent and the content of the workshops and presentations very motivational...

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Conflict Resolution

“A clash of interests, values, actions or directions.” Edward De Bono

Edward De Bono goes on to say that there are no villains. There are only intelligent people...

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Organizing & Prioritizing

As a leader you need to organize your work impeccably. Your work includes your own tasks and the tasks that your subordinates are doing. If you are not organized, there will...

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