"ABCDE" of Image Management

Exxperientia | May 25,2020

Have you ever wondered what kind of impression you leave on others? Do you know that you are evaluated on the basis of the Image you reflect or project...and the entire process takes place within seconds!

Your Image is at work always. Sometimes it works for you and at other times it works against you. Once you understand the basics of Image Management, you can actually change the perceptions around you.

Remember your A B C D & E and manage your image to create lasting First Impressions.

1.    “A” Appearance – A book is judged by its cover. Keep in mind the time, place and purpose of any meeting and choose your clothes carefully.

2.    “B” Behaviour- People may forget what you do or say, but, they always remember how you make them feel!  Be careful of the way you conduct yourself with others.

3.    “C” - Communication- a good communicator knows the best ways to present information to others. It could be through verbal, non-verbal or written ways and when done well can positively impact the outcome!

4.    “D” - Digital Footprint- The trail of data that you create while using the internet can build your reputation or spoil it for you. Be mindful of what you post on various social media platforms.

5.    “E” Etiquette- With good manners & a polite way of conducting yourself, you can charm your way into anyone’s heart. It is essential to understand the etiquette & protocols required at different places & in different settings so that you can open doors to your success.

Equipped with the right skills & knowledge you can change the way people look at you and create a winning life!