Placement Tips for Management Students

Exxperientia | May 25,2020


However, the irony is that not everyone gets their dream job. There is no need to lose sleep over it. These 8 tips can help any management student to be all prepared to face the interviews and get placed.


1.    Internet can be your friend

Take a little sneak peek about the company’s interview process, interview questions, comments and reviews of the other candidates, before the interview.

The reviews and interview experiences of other candidates prove to be helpful in giving you an insight about the company’s expectations and culture. Hence, you can prepare accordingly.

2.    Get done with paperwork

Invest a good amount of time in perfecting your resume. Have your mark sheets, internship letter and identity proofs handy. There should not be any chaos on the big day.

3.    Confidence is the key

Confidence is said to be the keynote of success. Every management student is expected to be confident throughout the interview process. Wear formal attire and groom yourself properly. Your body language, attire, answers and your complete persona must depict self-confidence.


4.    Mathematics is a must

Every management student is expected to be a pro at mathematics. Keep your class 10th mathematics formulae handy. Remember, aptitude test is the first round of every interview and you can move ahead only if you clear that.

5.    Be prepared for GD and PI

Be prepared for the group discussion round. Your management college prepares you well by conducting group discussions and mock interviews. Make sure you are a part of it. During PI, show enthusiasm, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. If you don’t know certain things, then accept it. You are not a walking Wikipedia.

6.    Keep a check on your words

The fact is that, a lot of people unnecessarily get rejected because they can’t communicate or express themselves. No B-School can teach you English and communication skills. You have to do it on your own. Rehearse as much as you can, talk to your friends in English, read newspapers, blogs and articles. Never underestimate the power of practice.


7.    Summarize your internship

Summarize your internship, projects and assignments in your head. If needed, write it down. Your internship experience will showcase your exposure to the business world. Also, be ready to answer all the possible questions regarding it.

8.     Don’t lose courage

Lastly, don’t lose hope if you don’t get selected in a couple of interviews. Life definitely gives everyone a second chance. Prepare each day, learn something from each interview experience and don’t get discouraged at all.