Tell me about yourself?

Exxperientia | Jun 10,2020

You can also mention one of your major achievements, if it fits the circumstance.
Keep the answer to just about 5-6 sentences and not more than that.
Explain your strengths & not many but a few weakness..


A common mistake seen is most HR interview is to start the sentence like “I am basically from...” No need to start a sentence like that.
Keep the answer simple, to the point and give space and time for further questions. Do not stretch it too much.


“Hi, I am Kiran and hails from Bangalore. I did my B.Tech in electronics and communication from Rameswara College of engineering, which is under Bangalore University. I had completed my plus two from Chinmaya Vidhya Mission School and secured 98% in CBSE Boards. I have four members in my family and I am the youngest son. I am a person with positive mindset and I adapt to change when it seems beneficial for me and my society at large.
I love outdoor sports, specifically athletics and was a member of college athletic team.”


Hope this helps you

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